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The Full Story


In anticipation of me turning 50 on April 19, 2013, I decided to find a few bands and throw a big party. Coke, my boyfriend at the time, had always wanted to have a farm party so he offered up the Williams Family Farm in Ohatchee, AL as the venue.


So…in early 2013 Coke and I sat down with our friend, Michael Trucks, and planned what eventually came to be called “Kellypalooza”. Michael Trucks (Red Mountain Entertainment) helped us find the music, Tate Beckham (with whom I worked for 15 years at City Stages) provided the stage/sound/lights/artist hospitality, my brother Jerry Kitchens (physician and owner of Ron & Jerry’s White Trash Boil) offered to boil 600 pounds of crawfish, and we got to work, friends and family, preparing the grounds for Kellypalooza and the 600 person invasion.


A week prior to the farm party, Coke and I were at the beach for a wedding (O’Neal & Terry Boswell) when Coke surprised me with a proposal of marriage. Two days later, we were ordering wedding cakes and champagne, meeting with our minister, hiring a bagpiper, and inserting a wedding in between bands 2 and 3 of my 50th birthday celebration.


I did not think in a million years we would be on our 10th Kellypalooza (nor that the name would stick!!). We have had so much fun combining our love of music, the farm, friends old and new, and family with such an incredible charity partner, Coosa Riverkeeper, to make the event happen. I hope we are still celebrating in Ohatchee for years to come!


Peace, Love, and High Heels!!!

Kelly Williams

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